Finding Your "B.A.N.A.N.A. - Episode 18

May 25, 2023

Hello Thumbody family,

In this week's episode, we wrapped up our exciting journey through the B.A.N.A.N.A lessons. Over the past six episodes, we've explored insights from my book, "Chasing Carrots: Won't Help You Find Your Purpose if You Were Born to Love Bananas."

We've met our protagonist, Monkey, who's lost his way, chasing the 'carrots' of life and forgetting his true identity. He learns valuable lessons that spell out "B.A.N.A.N.A" - Behavior, Appreciation, Necessity, Abundance, Name, Accountability. These lessons lead him back to his true purpose, reminding us that chasing carrots won't help you find your purpose if you were born to love bananas.

Here's a quick recap of our adventure so far:

  • Behavior (Episode 12): We explored how your name is your personal brand. Make a consistent positive impression, and your name will be as sweet as perfume.
  • Appreciation (Episode 13): We discussed valuing every moment as perfect time and recognizing the danger of wasted time.
  • Necessity (Episode 14): We looked at the areas where excellence shows up in your life - activities that are essential to who you are.
  • Abundance (Episode 15): We pondered generosity, particularly with our time, talents, and money. These are the golden moments that contrast with the "desert of wasted time".
  • Name (Episode 16): We learned to discern knowledge from wisdom, seeking true wisdom to guide our actions.
  • Accountability (Episode 17): We reflected on our lives, how we spend our time, talents, and money, and we asked how we will answer for our actions in our final hour.

The culmination of these lessons forms our Tree of Character, with its roots nourished by the condition of our hearts. Each tree is unique, and we are only responsible for the fruit our trees produce.

In this final episode, we explored how these stages connect and flow seamlessly, but in reverse. They start from committing to your name and end in producing fruit on your Tree of Character. However, if the heart is not true, no matter how much we follow the lessons, the fruit will turn out bad.

We also delved into the magic of accountability, the driving force behind personal branding. We discussed accountability to a higher power, personal accountability, accountability to others, and accountability to the gifts and talents you were given. This understanding will lead to meaningful change.

Finally, we learned how our name, our personal brand, is a direct reflection of all the steps that come after. Without a strong, deeply committed core value to guide our behavior, our efforts may lack focus and consistency.

To find your "B.A.N.A.N.A.", you'll need to work through each of the birthday lessons and identify how you will strive to possess the right Behavior, Appreciation, Necessity, Abundance, Name, and Accountability. This will nurture your Tree of Character, helping it flourish and bear good fruit.

Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey! It's been a pleasure to share this adventure with you, and I look forward to seeing your trees flourish with character, time, gifts, giving, wisdom, obedience, and, of course, good fruit!

Keep growing, keep loving, and keep being you, Thumbody family. Until next time, take care!

Best, Jimi Gibson Host, The Thumbody Show

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