The Power of Your Name

Welcome back to The Thumbody Show, the podcast where we explore the world of personal branding and celebrate the unique skills and talents that make each and every one of us special.

I'm Jimi Gibson, your host and author of "Chasing Carrots: Won't Help You Find Your Purpose if You Were Born to Love Bananas." Over the next few episodes, I'll be sharing insights from my book and guiding you on a journey to uncover your true purpose.

If you’re not familiar with the backstory on the Thumbody Brand, be sure to listen to Episode 1.

I don’t believe I’ve talked about my book on the show. If you’d like to pick up a copy, it’s available on Amazon and most booksellers online (Amazon link above).

In "Chasing Carrots," I tell an allegorical tale about a monkey who thinks he is a rabbit. Monkey, our protagonist, has lost his way. He has been distracted by the "carrots" of life and has forgotten who he really is. The stakes are raised as Monkey faces a choice: Figure out who he really is or sacrifice his identity forever. Just like Monkey, we will follow a similar path on our quest to discover our true purpose.

There are seven steps we'll need to master, which provide clarity on our journey. These signposts include our character, our relationship with time, the gifts or skills we possess, our relationship with giving, where we seek wisdom, and our level of discipline. By putting solid effort into these six areas, we'll be led to the fruit or results produced - the evidence of living a purpose-driven life focused on others.

So, are you ready to dive into my book and follow Monkey's journey to discover your true purpose?

Join me in the upcoming episodes as I guide you through the six steps - Character, Time, Gifts, Giving, Wisdom, and Discipline - and uncover the Tree of Character.

Today’s episode is about character… specifically your name.

Show Notes