Are You a Generous Person?

Welcome back to another episode of The Thumbody Show! Today, we're diving into Birthday Lesson #4: Abundance. We'll explore the idea of being happy in your work, generous with your time and money, and creating opportunities to share your unique gifts with others.

In our previous episodes, we talked about investing in your name and adjusting your relationship with time and what talents or activities make us unique. 

Let's start by talking about money. It's no secret that money plays a significant role in our lives. It can bring us abundance and opportunities, but sometimes, it can also cause stress and consume our golden time. I want you to think about how your pursuit of money has affected your life. Have you ever found yourself working long hours just to keep up with the status, security, and material possessions that come with a high-paying job?

Now, picture this scenario: the tide comes in and washes your sandcastle away, taking all your hard-earned coins with it. They soar into the sky like tiny eagles. What's left behind? What truly matters in your life? (Of course, this is a scene from my book, Chasing Carrots)

When we calculate our net worth, we often forget to consider the value of our time and talents—two precious resources we can share with others to make a real difference. The moments you spend helping others and pursuing your passions can genuinely change the world. This is not the kind of net worth that will show up on a financial statement but it will make a statement on how you value others.

In our previous episode, we talked about identifying that one activity or interest that defines who you are. Now, I want you to think about how you can use this gift to benefit someone else. After all, the best way to show appreciation for the unique gifts you've been given is to share them with others.

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