You've Been Granted 3 Wishes to Help You Discover Your Purpose

Welcome back to another episode of The Thumbody Show, where we delve deep into what makes you uniquely you. I'm your host, Jimi Gibson. This is episode 23. 

 If you're a newcomer, check out episode 1 to know more about our backstory.

Today, we're going on a journey of self-discovery, of uncovering the hidden desires that could unlock your passions, reveal your unique gift, and give you a fresh perspective on the world.

Let me start with a story you're probably familiar with—the tale of Aladdin and his magic lamp. It's been told in films, Broadway shows, and TV spin-offs. Aladdin, a humble boy, stumbles upon a magic lamp, and when he polishes it, a powerful genie appears, offering him three wishes. There's just one rule: you can't use a wish to get more wishes.

That rule applies to us too as we embark on our thought experiment today. You, dear listener, have been granted three wishes. What would they be?

Let’s get started with The Thumbody Show.