YouTube Podcasts vs. Individual Videos: Crafting Your YouTube Strategy

Episode 32: Podcast or Individual Videos on YouTube?

Hey, friend! It's great to have you back with me on another episode of The Thumbody® Show! I'm Jimi Gibson, here to guide you through Episode 32 of our enlightening series. Do you ever find yourself in the debate of podcasting versus individual videos on YouTube? Well, this episode is about to clear the air for you!

Now, before we dive in, I've got some exciting news. As of a few weeks ago, our podcast episodes are now available on YouTube – but here's the twist: it's audio-only. That's right! We're experimenting with a whole new format and we'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

And speaking of YouTube, today's discussion orbits around it. Ever noticed how some channels showcase lengthy podcast episodes, while others stick to short, crisp videos? It's quite the conundrum for content creators, right? Which is better for engagement, viewer retention, or subscriber growth?

If you're new to the show, I encourage you to listen to Episode 1. It's there where we lay the groundwork of the Thumbody Brand philosophy. Understanding that episode will provide you a richer context for today's discussion.

Oh, and here's another treat! Today’s episode is Part 2 of our 4-part series focusing on personal branding and entrepreneurship on YouTube. So if you're keen on mastering the YouTube game as an entrepreneur or personal brand, you won't want to miss a single episode.

Alright, enough of the prelims. Let's dive into the world of YouTube content, explore its vast expanse, and figure out whether full-length podcast episodes or individual videos are the way to go. Ready to unravel this with me? Let’s roll!

Let’s get started with The Thumbody Show.