My Big Move to YouTube

Hey there, Thumbody listeners! Welcome back to another episode of The Thumbody Show. I'm your host, Jimi Gibson, and today, we've got some exciting news to share. But first, as always, if you're tuning in for the first time, I encourage you to check out episode 1 for the backstory of the Thumbody brand and how we're using it to inspire GenXers to leverage their talents and knowledge.

The Big Announcement:

So, onto the big news! The Thumbody Show is making a move... to YouTube! That's right, we're expanding our horizons and embracing the visual world of content creation. Now, you might be wondering, "Why YouTube, Jimi?" Well, there are a few fantastic reasons I want to share with you.

First off, there are just some specific tactics and strategies that greatly benefit from visual demonstration. Whether it's showing you the latest tools and tech, walking you through step-by-step processes, or just sharing some visual magic, YouTube gives us the platform to do that in a way audio simply can't.

But wait, there's more! I'm also planning to start interviewing some really smart people. While their insights are as brilliant as ever in audio, sometimes, you just want to see the person behind the ideas. Seeing the enthusiasm, the expressions, and yes, sometimes even the quirky home offices, adds a whole new layer to these conversations.

What This Means for You:

Now, if you're thinking, "But I love just listening!" don't worry. The audio version of The Thumbody Show isn't going anywhere. You'll still be able to listen to every episode just like you always have. But now, you have the option to watch if you want to. It's all about giving you more choices and more content.

And speaking of content, I can promise that there will be more of it on YouTube. We're talking more tips, more interviews, and yes, more creativity. And for those who know me, I couldn't make this move without promising to keep the magic alive. So, expect some visual magic tricks thrown in there too – because why not?

A Personal Note:

Making this move to YouTube is a big step for The Thumbody Show, but it's one I'm incredibly excited about. It's a chance to connect with all of you in a new way, to share knowledge in a more dynamic format, and really, just to have fun with it. I've always believed that learning should be engaging and enjoyable, and this is another step in that direction.


So, there you have it, folks! The Thumbody Show is coming to YouTube. I really hope you'll join me on this new adventure. Subscribe to our new YouTube channel (link in the show notes), and let's continue this journey together, now with even more ways to engage, learn, and maybe even see a magic trick or two.

Thank you for tuning in, for your support, and for being a part of The Thumbody family. Here's to new beginnings, more learning, and, of course, keeping the magic alive. See you on YouTube, and as always, keep spreading that one-of-a-kindness!