3 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should be on YouTube in 2024

Hey there, thumb-trepreneur! Welcome back to another episode of The Thumbody Show, where we unlock the secrets to standing out in a digital world flooded with content.

I'm your host, Jimi Gibson, and today, we're on Episode 57, gearing up to tackle a question that's been buzzing around: "Why YouTube?"

In our journey to spread the unique power of one-of-a-kindness, we've decided to take a slight detour before making our grand entrance on YouTube. I've noticed a few raised eyebrows and curious minds wondering, "Why jump into the vast ocean of YouTube in 2024?"

Well, my friends, today's the day we dive deep into that very question. YouTube isn't just a platform for endless scrolling through DIY tutorials, laugh-out-loud pranks, or awe-inspiring travel vlogs (though, who doesn't love those?).

It's a pivotal arena for entrepreneurs like us to shine, share our stories, and connect with a global audience on a level that's simply unmatched elsewhere. And for those of you tuning in for the first time, a hearty welcome to our thumb-powered community! Here at The Thumbody Show, we're all about leveraging our quirks, talents, and yes, even our thumbs, to make a mark on the world. Curious about the roots of our thumb-centric philosophy? Swing by Episode 1 for a peek into the Thumbody Brand origins—it's a game-changer for understanding the essence of what we're all about.

So, why YouTube? Without spilling all the beans just yet, let's just say we're looking at the second largest search engine in the world, a platform where your content continues to work for you years down the line, and a golden opportunity to master the art of video—a skill that's becoming indispensable in the digital content realm.

Buckle up, thumb-preneurs, as we're about to unfold "3 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Be on YouTube in 2024." It's time to embrace the visual, venture beyond our comfort zones, and unlock new dimensions of content creation that could very well redefine our paths to success.

Let's get thumb-rolling and dive into the vibrant world of YouTube. Ready to find out why it's the place to be for entrepreneurs in 2024? Stay tuned…

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